Simple & Effective Morning Routine

If only I had a dollar for every morning routine I looked up on Pinterest and attempted to test out, only to find that it was too much, too overwhelming, and did not fit the lifestyle I live! So, I have created the perfect formula to help YOU craft your own morning routine that is simple, effective, and allows you to take on the day energized.

This morning routine consists of 5 simple steps to help you get a jump start to your day

  1. Hydrate

Not to get all nerdy on you, but your body consists mostly of water so it is so important that you hydrate as soon as you wake up. I like to fill my Yeti up at night, so that’s ready to go on my nightstand when I wake up each morning. 

By hydrating your body, you are helping to get rid of toxins and wake up your digestive system. Not to mention, your skin will be glowing 

  1. Gratitude 

For me, gratitude looks like doing my Bible study and writing down three things that I am thankful for. For you, this could be as simple as finding one thing to be thankful for as soon as you wake up. 

There are so many health benefits to expressing gratitude! Not only will you have an increase in positivity and your mood, but you will be more satisfied, have better sleep, and overall better physical health. Taking just a couple of moments each day to show that you are grateful will truly pay off in the long run. 

  1. Move your body 

This varies for me from day to day, but movement is always essential! I try to fit in a 30 minute workout (link to blog with quick effective workout) 3-4 times each week, but on my “off days” I like to stretch or do some, not so graceful, form of yoga. It just helps to get your blood flowing, give you those amazing endorphins, and give you the energy you need to take on the day. 

  1. Self-care 

Self care is not just for Sunday, Mamas! You need to be practicing some form of self care daily, and multiple times throughout the day. In the morning, after I have moved my body, I like to turn on a podcast or audiobook while I’m getting ready for the day, and I will spend just a few extra minutes on my skincare. I like to use an ice roller right after working out to help depuff my eyes and firm things up a bit, and I make sure to use my serums, moisturizer and SPF after cleansing my skin. For a few self care ideas, check out my post here. 

  1. Nourish 

I will admit, this is where I often struggle. It is so important to fuel your body with a good, healthy breakfast each day. We can easily get lost in the hustle and before we realize it, we are hangry and oh, so done with the day because it’s 2pm and we haven’t eaten yet. One of the best ways to ensure that you are nourishing your body is by making simple, make ahead breakfasts that you can quickly grab on your way out the door! To see some of my favorite make ahead breakfasts, you can check out my post here. 

I hope these 5 simple steps help you to transform your mornings from dread to excitement, and help you to take on each and every day with energy and grace. 

Until next time,


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