Welcome to the Millennial Mom Blog

I had never felt so alone until I became pregnant with, and gave birth to, my daughter.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I was surrounded by family and friends who loved me and supported me, but I didn’t have someone who was going through it with me. Someone around my age who understood the life change I was going through. A trusted friend that got me when I cried about how gross Chipotle was one week, but was craving it the next. A girlfriend who would give me solid advice for whatever silly argument I got into with my husband. A confidant who would let me divulge my biggest secret: I have no clue what I’m doing in this phase of life called parenting. I desperately wanted a community of other women who had been through, or was going through, what I was facing as a wife and mother. So, here we are: The Millennial Mom blog.

I started this blog to create that community I so desperately craved. For myself and other women who are out there trying to figure out how to adult and change a diaper at the same time. We are all on this journey, so why not journey together?

I hope that you find this blog encouraging and uplifting, and consider it to be a safe place without judgement of your weird pregnancy craving this week, that dumb fight you just started with your husband, or the crusty milk you just found in your baby’s neck fold. I’ve been there, and I’m here for you sis.

With love,


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