Minimalist Essentials for Babies: 3-6 Months

Today on the blog, I’m sharing with you some of my essential items for babies ages 3-6 months. These are the items I have found to be the best for development, learning, and making it easier for you mama! 

Playmat with a Mirror 

Any play mat with some hanging toys and a mirror will do! I can often sit in amazement at how long my daughter will study one of the hanging toys or will find which one makes a certain sound (our has some that jingle, rattle, and play music when they are knocked). It’s also so fun to place her on her stomach and let her lay there and talk to her reflection. So sweet! 

Wooden blocks/puzzles 

I don’t know about you, but I am always thinking about what materials are in certain baby toys. I personally feel that so many plastic toys are filled with nasty chemicals that I don’t necessarily want my daughter exposed to, so I opt for wooden toys with minimal plastic that I know is BPA free from brands we trust.. 


If your baby is anything like mine, once they master a new skill they are so eager to learn the next. Once we were able to accomplish rolling front to back and back to front, we were ready to take on sitting up on our own. While it is so cute to watch them try and balance it out, I love the security of having the Boppy behind her to help cushion her falls. This is another item that can grow with them over time as it can be used for nursing, propping them up, tummy time, and assisted sitting!


Around this age is when you can start to expect that first tooth to erupt, and that is just so fun! But what’s not fun is your baby constantly gnawing at your fingers because they need something to chew on to relieve their gums. So we love to have plenty of teethers around the house to grab at a moment’s notice. 


This one really speaks for itself, but it’s so important to read to your baby! This will help to develop those linguistic skills and it’s also such a sweet time to bond with your baby. We love reading at all times of the day and we have a variety of books to suit the mood. We especially love board books because hello, those cute little chubby baby hands can’t rip the pages, and we also love touch and feel books. It makes the reading experience so much more interactive and also helps with sensory development. 

What are some of your baby essentials for this age? Comment below! 

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