Minimalism and Mental Health #OCDAwareness


Minimalism has done wonders for my anxiety. I’m truly happier and more content than I have ever been and it feels so damn good to say that because it’s been a very long road. I have removed both physical and mental clutter from my life, resulting in a calm that I have desperately craved — for as long as I can remember! I’m not sure exactly how this happened but I welcome it with open arms. It’s almost become a coping mechanism for me.

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5 Ways to Help Your Local Animal Shelter

How to help your local animal shelter

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The time I spent working with a dog rescue was one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. While rewarding, it was also heartbreaking at times. But the heartbreak fueled me to work harder and thus, it became even more rewarding. It was a defining moment in my life and has forever changed the way I view animal welfare. It’s a cause I feel very strongly about, and I hope some of these suggestions will encourage you to get involved!

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5 Alternative Mothers Day Gift Ideas


Minimalism has encouraged me to evaluate the gifts that I give. Maybe, I’m hoping to inspire others, or maybe I’m just reflecting what I would prefer if it were me. Either way, so far so good! For the Littles’ birthdays we took a trip down south instead of having a big party and a bunch of gifts. It was AWESOME. The gift of experiences is winning over gifts of physical items and it’s something I intend to keep up for the foreseeable future. This list is geared more to Moms of adults but can also be altered for Moms with young kids (i.e. your sister or your bestie). Let me just conclude this introduction by saying if the Mom you are treating has little ones, NEVER underestimate the power of a good NAP. Haha! Seriously, when I reached out to a group of Moms about their ideal minimalist gift, the number one answer was a nap. Here are 5 gifts to treat your Mama on Mothers Day, that aren’t going to collect dust.

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I ruined the day.. again.


As we pull up to the winter carnival, I hear 2 little gasps come from the backseat. I look in my rear-view mirror to see 4 sparkling eyes and 2 magical grins, as my littles peer out to the field beside us. There’s a shiny red fire truck, loads of kids clambering into huge, intricate snow forts, families skating about, with looks of pure joy on their faces.

That’s when I hear a different type of gasp. This time it’s escaping my own lips. Only, it’s not the good, excited kind I’d heard from my kids seconds earlier. Its the kind that happens when your throat tightens, when your palms start to sweat, and when your mind starts to race. The kind of gasp that precedes panic. The kind of gasp I know to well.

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